The "Let's Go Korea!" Stadium Gathering is to call people from all walks of life to encounter Jesus. More specifically, this is a calling for the prodigals to return to the Father. We are told in Luke 15 about the parable of the prodigal son. This parable shows us the fathers heart as he waits for his son’s return and when the Father saw his son at a distance, he ran to his son. Likewise, I believe Jesus has been waiting for the prodigals of Korea to return but when they do return, we can shout for joy as what was dead is now alive! Now, we can begin to expect young generation encountering Jesus through worship which will lead to repentance, and we believe they will be set free from the bondage of sin. This causes us to shout for joy because of God’s goodness. The parable continues to tell us a celebration ensues. I love this picture because Korea and the church need to celebrate. It’s time to rejoice in the Lord. Jesus is waiting to reconnect with them, and he wants to release them to their destiny that is to fulfill the Great Commission, which is to preach the gospel and make disciples of all nations. There can't be a revival without the return of prodigals. Let’s Go, Korea!

Mark Cho
YWAM-Kona NE Asia


There is a lot of spiritual thirst and hunger among us right now, Only God can satisfy this hunger.
On August 27th, we will gather together to worship God. vision and rise again as a nation that blesses all nations.
Let's Go KoreaWe look forward to experiencing God's presence in prayer and the Word and meeting the Lord deeply.
And I pray that this gathering become a channel for the unity of the Korean church and the next generation to receive God's.
Therefore, let us come before God who loves Korea so much and wants us to restore our first love.
Now is the time for us to rise again, take the Gospel to the nations.

Let's go Korea 2022

2022. 8. 27. (SAT) PM 3 ~ PM 9

JamsilOlympic Main Stadium
Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Event Policy

*Shincheonji and heresy are not allowed to participate.

📌 Notice
✔ We follow the ROK Government'sCovid-19 guidelines.
    (As of today, it is mandatory to wear a mask for event swith more than 50 persons.)
✔ Please keep the order to preventany incidents.
✔ Please follow the staffs’ instructions.
✔ Food is available on seats, but not allowed on tracks and grass.
✔ Parking is available but appeared to be complicated. You can park your vehicle at the Tancheon parking lot as well.
✔ If you come with a bus, please park it at the Gangnam Tancheon parking(78-25, Daechi-dong) lot.
✔ Any activities which interfere the event will be asked to leave.
✔ Please prepare hats and parasols that can block the sunlight.
✔ Please prepare water and drinks to drink since the drinking fountain is insufficient.
✔ There is restaurant in this stadium. Please use restaurant when you eat.

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By Bus
Green bus– 2415,3217, 3411, 3412, 3414, 3417,3322, 3422, 4319
Blue bus– 301,333, 341, 350, 342, 360, 362,N13(심야)
Red bus– 1100,1700, 2000, 7007, 8001, 6900,2000-1
City bus- 11-3, 917
From Incheon Airport -6705

By Subway
Exit 6 and 7 of Sports Complex Station on Line 2 and walk about 200m to Olympic MainStadium

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